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CNV® Laser Hair Growth CAP
Faster Safer More Convenient To Growth Hair


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"I am super happy with the result using Laser Cap System." - Hayes Callahan
"Love it so far! Easy to use and wear. Have just started the vitamins." - Vera Dawn
"I would like to share my photos of my results with using your CNV Hair Growth Cap after just 15 months. Not only is it thicker but it has come in curly. Every one has commented on how good it looks." - Roman Atlas
"After less than 4 months I am seeing some improvement. 1st, hair loss seems to have abated. 2nd, I see new growth at the bottom of the crown of my head." - Stella Blaire
"Only have had this for several weeks but I have noticed more volume to my hair and shine. Baby hairs are just starting to grow. It’s still too early to tell for sure but so far so good!" - Victoria Shae

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1. Supplement specific nutritionHair growth often requires sufficient nutrients. When nutrients are scarce, it will not be able to provide sufficient power for its growth. At this time, eat more protein rich in thiamine, such as seaweed, fish, lean meat, and soy products. A good choice; in addition, vitamins are the key to supplementation, because they are directly related to the growth and synthe..
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Is it true that the more frequently the hair is washed, the faster it grows? I have been asked this question many times by netizens, and I will talk about my views on this question. I have been in the hairdressing industry for decades. I have seen all kinds of faces, head shapes and hair textures that are difficult for ordinary people to see. I have also heard all kinds of bizarre and mysterious l..
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The scalp directly affects the growth of hair, so the scalp is the key to healthy hair growth. The scalp is afraid of dryness, wind, heat, direct ultraviolet rays, dirt, external chemical contact, and dust. And the scalp likes to be wet and cold, and the scalp is weakly acidic and has oil covering the epidermis. So to summarize: the growth of hair depends on the scalp, and the scalp needs a good e..
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