Hair Growth

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Laser hair repair is effective, but the process is gradual and requires patience. CNV ® Laser therapy reverses the natural process of miniaturization. As the hair follicles weaken in each hair cycle, producing thinner and thinner hair, miniaturization occurs until the follicles die and stop producing hair. Laser therapy has been shown to effectively reverse miniaturization by stimulating and stimulating scalp cells and increasing blood supply to hair follicles. This keeps the hair follicles alive and produces thicker, healthier hair.


Set realistic expectations


Although the process of hair regrowth looks different to everyone, experience at least provides an initial template that is reasonably expected in most cases. It's important to understand that LLLT is a progressive solution for hair growth, which means that in order to see the real effect, you need to use the laser cap consistently as recommended. Most users will see the results within 4-6 months. It also means that your hair growth will take place at a relatively predictable stage.


have a look:





Discover How Laser Therapy Works




The first stage of hair recovery can be noted in existing hair. As the roots of the hair begin to deepen, the hair follicle can get more nutrition and begin the process of self-healing. The first stage makes existing hair happier, healthier and thicker.


As the health of your hair and scalp recovers, even if your existing hair continues to thicken and regain a healthy shine, you will begin to notice new growth in your baby's hair. These new hairs are one of the most exciting results of effective hair repair.


Soon, these baby hairs will develop into naturally strong and healthy follicles, just like their pre-existing neighbors. The amazing thing about this whole process is that it's completely painless and noninvasive.


LLLT promotes the growth of new hair by simply supporting and amplifying what your body does best: self repairing and regenerating all the time, shedding old cells and making room for healthier new cells.


Look at the graph below. You'll notice that the typical growth phase of healthy hair progresses over a few years. Hair regrowth is no different, so be prepared to wait patiently for the process.


Unlike many other hair loss solutions, laser caps promote natural, sustainable change over time, which means - while it may take longer than surgery, your new hair will stay.


Understand the working principle of laser therapy.


Before and after taking photos





Nothing enhances confidence more than seeing evidence of progress. So do yourself a favor and plan to use photos to track your progress! That's right - there's no self portrait humiliation. Taking high-quality photos once a week under consistent lighting will help you begin to see the small changes of the day, which add up to the real visible results.


Use high quality shampoo


As hair loss is usually associated with fungi and inflammation, we always recommend cleaning your hair with medicated and antifungal shampoo before each treatment. This will help eliminate unnecessary variables on the scalp, improve overall cleanliness, and improve the effectiveness of your laser cap therapy.


Keep it simple - follow the instructions


Laser cap is designed to deliver the maximum benefits with the least time or effort. This means that you only need to follow our recommended treatment regimen to get the best results: just 30 minutes, three times a week - that's all!