Hair Growth

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How fast your hair grows, these methods are effective

1. Supplement specific nutrition

Hair growth often requires sufficient nutrients. When nutrients are scarce, it will not be able to provide sufficient power for its growth. At this time, eat more protein rich in thiamine, such as seaweed, fish, lean meat, and soy products. A good choice; in addition, vitamins are the key to supplementation, because they are directly related to the growth and synthesis of hair, especially vitamins A, B, and E. At this time, you should eat more pears rich in vitamin A, Cabbage, animal organs; carrots, tomatoes, and spinach that are rich in vitamin B; kiwi fruit, lean meat, and vegetable oil that contain vitamin E.

2. Scalp massage

The growth of hair not only requires sufficient nutrition, but also the activity of hair follicles. Only if the hair follicle has sufficient activity can it promote the rapid growth of hair. At this time, it is very necessary to massage the scalp. Use the fingers of both hands to slide from both sides of the jaw to the top of the head. The intensity should be moderate, and the direction should be from bottom to top, against the direction of hair growth, so as to avoid dragging hair loss. You can also choose a comb for combing, the strength should not be too large, so as not to damage the hair follicle. Massage can accelerate blood circulation in the head, stimulate hair follicle growth and nutrient absorption, which is of great benefit to hair growth.

3. Hair care

In addition to promoting the body's own conditions to accelerate hair growth, it is also necessary to choose appropriate hair care products. You can choose to apply essential oils to the hair. It can penetrate the scalp, activate the hair follicle cells, and prevent the appearance of dry hair, which is an obstacle. The main cause of hair growth. It is also possible to apply vitamin E, a nutrient for hair growth, directly on the parts of hair growth, which can also have a good effect.

4. Hair care

Take care of your hair at ordinary times, avoid excessive perm and other damage to the hair, and avoid styling products such as curling irons, which will make the hair dry. In addition, do not avoid trimming your hair in order to wait for it to grow. The split ends will become fragile and hinder growth. Therefore, trimming the ends on a regular basis can promote better hair growth.

5. Adjustment of living habits

Bad lifestyle habits will also have a subtle impact on hair growth. The bad habit of staying up late is particularly prominent. In sleep, human hair root cells divide the fastest, reducing sleep time is equivalent to preventing cancer and hair growth. And staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, which will also affect the activity of hair follicles.