Hair Growth

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What to eat to make your hair grow faster, these are good choices

Is it true that the more frequently the hair is washed, the faster it grows? I have been asked this question many times by netizens, and I will talk about my views on this question. I have been in the hairdressing industry for decades. I have seen all kinds of faces, head shapes and hair textures that are difficult for ordinary people to see. I have also heard all kinds of bizarre and mysterious legends. However, the more frequent the hair washing, the more hair grows. The faster, this statement is unreliable.

The speed of hair growth has nothing to do with the frequency of shampooing, but massage or combing the head can stimulate the circulation of the scalp, dredge the meridians, and reduce the gray hair of some people, slow down hair loss or even grow new hair, but it is not very important for the growth speed. no effect.

The growth rate of hair is mainly related to genetics
The speed of our hair growth is mainly inherited from our parents' genes. This speed will not change too much when you become an adult, until you are old. Even though he is in his seventies and eighties, and few hairs have fallen, the growth rate of the hair will not slow down because of the loss of hair.

The average growth rate of human hair is about 0.3 to 0.4 mm per day, and it can grow about 1 to 1.5 cm in a month. Everyone's hair growth rate is different, even the hair on his head, the growth rate is also different.

For example, if a girl cuts all her bangs, the bangs she just cut are very neat, and it hasn't been neat for a long time. The same can be done for boys with flat heads. The haircut that has just been cut is horizontal and vertical, and it will be uneven after a while.

In other words, the growth rate of hair is not affected by external factors, and it is mainly your own genes that determine the growth rate of hair. Some people's hair grows very fast, others cut their hair once a month, and he has to cut it once every half month. There are also people whose hair grows very slowly. They only cut their hair twice a year, and it won’t look too long without cutting it for a few months.

Does fast hair growth mean good health?
Some people say that the hair grows densely and grows fast, indicating that the body is healthier. In fact, the thickness of the hair has nothing to do with the growth rate, and the health of the body. The thickness and growth rate of hair are determined by genetic genes. Thick or fast-growing hair does not mean that the body must be healthy. Thinning hair and slow growth rate do not mean poor health.

However, physical problems will definitely affect the normal growth of hair, such as staying up late for a long time, high mental stress, stress in life and work, overeating, emotional instability, etc., will affect physical and mental health, resulting in a decline in immunity, and physical functions will occur. Variety. This will lead to the strong secretion of male hormones on the scalp, a large amount of oil, gray hair and even hair loss.

For example, long white hair is due to the loss of the function of secreting pigment in the hair follicles, resulting in no pigment in the hair that grows out, and translucent white hair will appear. There is no pigment in the hair follicles, which must be caused by the body. The specific reason is still unexplainable, so gray hair is also called white disease, but gray hair does not affect the health of the body, but only affects the external image.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Except for hereditary hair loss, most of them are caused by the body that affects the normal growth of hair follicles. Only temporary or permanent baldness occurs.

Whether it is gray hair or hair loss, these have nothing to do with the speed of hair growth. It also has nothing to do with the number and frequency of washing your hair, so washing your hair will not make your hair grow faster.

Is there any way to make hair grow faster?
This issue is also concerned by many netizens. Normal methods cannot change the growth rate of hair. However, there are some hormone products, which can make hair thicker and grow faster. However, the side effects of these hormone products are also great, which may have a certain impact on health. After stopping use, the hair will still Back to the original state, so it is not recommended.

From the perspective of health care, it is always said that combing hair 200 times a day can reduce gray hair, prevent hair loss, and also make hair grow faster. In theory, there is no problem, but in fact, combing the hair makes the white hair black, prevents hair loss or makes the hair grow faster, the effect is very small. However, combing your hair with a wooden or bone comb every day can indeed improve the tension of the scalp, which is beneficial for dredging the meridians and blood circulation in the head.

It’s actually good to have your hair grow slowly. Others cut your hair once a month, and you only cut it once every two or three months, which saves time, effort and money. I just want to keep the time from short hair to long hair longer than others. In a word, the hair grows slowly, and the durability of the hairstyle is long, which makes many people with fast hair envious.

The speed of hair growth is determined by your genes, so it is best not to use external methods to change the growth rate, maintain the status quo, and let the flow go. Do not wash your hair too frequently. Washing your hair once every 48 hours is good for the normal growth of the scalp and hair.